Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Christopher’s Runaway Gourmet

THE CART has been reviewed in Style Weekly’s latest issue, and favorably to boot. For those of you who spend too much time outside the city limits, THE CART is how in-the-know urbanites refer to the four street lunch-carts of Christopher’s Runaway Gourmet. I know all about the cart. I am cart cool. OK, well, I'm directly related to a cart cool person.

My husband is working his way through his new career which limits cart intake. A year ago he was eating at THE CART twice a week. I feared that he might not want to make the job switch last year because it would interfere with his cart life. You think I'm kidding? Only barely.

You can learn a lot about a person from their cart choices. Most of my favorite people are tuna, fruit, and cheese orderers. (Hubby included.) Buddy and coworker Angie insists on segregation of the fruit and tuna but the rest of them risk it and let 'em mingle.

I am a variety gal. Like the shrimp salad, and the tuna, and the chicken. Willing to arm wrestle for the cuke salad. I never turn down the noodles, and the fruit helped me through two pregnancies. I always splurge on the butter for the baguette and so should you. By the way, our cart is the one between 8th and 9th on Main ruled by the lovely, talented, and neighborly Liz and Patricia. I've known Patricia since I was 6 and she was 8. She wouldn't even give me a graham cracker then, but she's warmed up to me in the past couple decades. Both gals are fellow Bellevue-ers.

I have recently become acquainted with Christopher himself. Hardworking Daddy of 3 of the most lovely girls imaginable and he has very good taste in music of the hip and rockin’ variety. In other words, likable even if he didn’t create manna, but he does.


arty quilter said...

Chicken, fruit, cheese.

Sometimes chicken, coleslaw, cheese
(this is new--their coleslaw is different than most I've had in Virginia--not too sweet)

The MCV cart is run almost like the SoupNazi's store--ya gotta know what you want when you get there (so if you're gonna try it, look at the menu online first at The good think about that is even if the line is down the block & around the corner, it moves FAST!

Okay, now you've made me very hungry for chicken salad.

Dave said...

I partake at this cart once a week or so. I'm a "tuna-double cuke-double cheese" guy myself. Curious we've never bumped into one another.

Every 7th Day said...

Darn if I didn't run into Christopher himself just this weekend! He seemed pretty happy to get another review in a week. Happy and surprised. I guess when you work up to your armpits in the stuff every day, it loses its wooing power. For the rest of us, it would appear that just reading about it sends us into a stagger down Main or Broad.

Thanks for all who have posted, called, or just let me know their favorite cart orders. Good to share the love!

BudsJen said...

My usual is Chicken, veggie pasta and fruit (segregated)

This place is awesome. My coworker friend is obsessed and she always gets the chicken, cukes and fruit (segregated) and she eats her bread with the butter. I prefer to make a sandwich with mine.

We visit the one right in front of the Suntrust building cause we absolutely adore the guy working this cart. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried it.