Saturday, September 16, 2006

Told you I was a Recovering Luddite

Today is techno-idiot hell. My Norton Security is yelling at me for not knowing the product key. I couldn't get my DSL installed. Three simple steps, my sweet patootie. The Amazon order that was to arrive in 2-4 days is AWOL. I know, I said I wouldn't shop with them. Lesson learned.
But the worst of all...

I just found the comments moderation page on my blog. Just now. Today. After 9 months of blogging. My biggest disappointment of blogging has been that no one comments. I felt like I had no connections to other people and it was pretty uninspiring. Turns out, I have lots of connections to other people. Really cool people. Interesting, thoughtful people who think I'm a schmuck because I didn't acknowledge their thoughtful comments.

I really want to cry.

"More music reviews!" shouted one. You got it, baby. Late, but you got it.

Another gave feedback on Vespers thank you, and another on a Wilco show sorry I missed it. Sisyphus has been rocking to "Deuce" and put in his two cents worth. There were comments on Kurt Vonnegut, God, and the moon. And they were all beautifully written and really great.

Maybe I will just cry.

The one that puts me over the edge is from someone named Enrique who let me know that the Mars thing was an Internet hoax. I could have really used that information when he sent it at the beginning of August. Instead I went outside night after night. I drove around looking for vantage points. I asked my friends if they had seen it. I blamed my hairdresser's marital quibbling on the proximity of Mars. I don't really mind being duped by an Internet hoax not involving money or my hard drive crashing, but the thought that the valiant Enrique had tried in vain to save me...

Time to cry now.

As my screen saver says, "Stoopid Computer."

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Donald Wilson said...

It took me a long time to truly understand the blogging software I use, and to be honest, I'm still a rank amateur at it, and this is coming from a IT professional. Hang in there.

oh... by the by... nice blog :-)