Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Music Week

The parishioners been grumpin' that I've been keeping them out of the music loop. Got two faves coming to town this week. Wednesday night it is Rusted Root at Toad's Place. I'll be there.

On Friday it is Drive By Truckers at the National. I'll be there. I've even been working on a little Truckers inspired art quilt. If it improves dramatically I'll post a pic.

Friday that just past - Billy Ray Hatley and the Showdogs were at Ashland Coffee and Tea for their CD release of their third CD "Cryin' Shame". Look forward to a CD review here soon. I've only listened to it three times. Needs a good ten before I put in my two cents. However...

Since today is all about catching up on the blogs I've been meaning to blog for weeks, head on over to Billy's website using the link to your right and read all about his Canadian fame. His insanely popular song "Elvis's motorcycle" (pronounced motor-sickle) made it onto a Canadian bike show.

I'll be picking up some Showdog CDs for the church bookstore at First for those of you who are in bed by 9 and avoid stinky loud bars. Please note that neither Toad's nor the National is stinky, so with a nap and some earplugs you could join me this week. I'm just sayin'...

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