Monday, March 17, 2008

The UU presidential pool just evaporated a bit

Were you thinking of running for president? Ever? Are you a member of any congregation I have ever served? Then a presidential run is just one more dream to toss out with the Neil Diamond eight track you've been saving for ebay riches.

Now, it is true - I am not the most media savvy person. I almost never watch TV. I don't go to the movies. My usual response to my sweet mate's gentle, "Honey, are you ever gonna' watch this Netflix?" is "No." But I've been visiting people in homes with TVs lately so I caught wind of the Barack Obama/Jeremiah Wright issues of the past few days. And I realized the future is bleak for any of my congregants becoming a presidential candidate if this is the way primaries are gonna' roll.

For the record, I did not like the candidate's response to questions on his minister's remarks from the pulpit. More importantly, I think holding someone under a microscope that has a lens so broad that it covers years old comments by one's minister is asinine.
And just in case I have not sufficiently expressed where I stand on this, let me add: wait 'til CNN gets hold of my SWIM 2006 sermon in which it has been reported that I said, "The most common advice that dying people have given me is: have more sex." (I don't recall saying it. But there are multiple reports. And it is true that many a dying person has told me that... I don't deny. I just don't recall.)

So I'm just saying... If we are now holding our politicians to what their ministers say, whether the politician heard it or not, whether it is exactly what the minister meant or not... political aspirants beware. You should know that I have a mouth and it's not afraid to use me.


Lizard Eater said...

Yes! I was thinking the same way. That this is less a strike against a candidate and more a strike against ministry ... "beware what you say, because someday someone in your congregation may run for president ..."

Of course, 7, who are we kidding. A UU President????

Regards to Millard Fillmore,

Tara said...

Amen. It is completely ridiculous how a political candidate could be held liable for comments made years ago NOT by him, but by his minister. But I am disappointed, as it sounds like you were, that he rolled over and "denounced" those comments, because I think there was some truth there.

ANYWAY. My own mouth gets me in enough trouble, so I will never run for political office. Your sermon secrets are safe with me. ;)

Anonymous said...

The pool did sure evaporate, but take any snippet from any pulpit and you are bound to find some "unacceptable things" said. But today the candidate did address race like no one has publicly and it was riveting and inspiring.

Michael said...

I've decided that every preacher should aspire to saying at least one thing so controversial that it would come back to haunt a parishoner running for President. I know it's my new goal.