Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rev. Froggy raises the white flag

People are so fantastic. Or maybe it's just bloggers. Or maybe it's Richmond's merry little band of UUs. Or maybe I'm just sick enough to have the edge taken off the world.

After 24 hours of very little talking, I was able to speak some at Zelda's memorial service today. I did not need speak at all because after 76 years of living, loving, and being (as one admirer called it) a "badass" there were enough Zelda stories to keep us laughing and crying for days. Fantastic.

But of course- I spoke. I had two thirds of a voice which was one third extra. Or so went my thinking. Post memorial service - nothing but Kermit. Ribbit.

I've tried to rearrange the service tomorrow so that others can do most of it. The sweet little church in the back neck of Richmond happens to have the most superb band of worship associates I've run into, so this should not be a problem. Fantastic.

But it's Easter. I want to talk on Easter. I'm just now finally getting old enough to understand what this hope for resurrection stuff is all about. I, the anti-minister (doesn't like the traditional holidays, leading ceremonies, robes, fire, or speaking into a microphone; does like loud rock music, loud clothes, huge open air festivals, and cowboy boots)... I had my heart set on Easter this year. I went simple with my service title: resurrection.

To me - resurrection is about the slow invisible pulse of life that flows in our seasons and quickens in Spring.

Resurrection is when you think you can never love again; when your heart is so broken that you let it die instead of trying to heal. When there are years of cold in your heart. And then... and then... you meet someone and you feel it again. The early pangs, the budding, and the full aromatic blossoming of a heart bursting with love. Resurrection.

Resurrection is people who live in the dark and endless tunnels of depression who see a glimmer of light and have the courage and the stamina to start running for it. And the darkness is so much more than that little flicker of light, but they run and run and run.

Resurrection is a hope that more people wll resist taking up arms and instead hold hands with strangers. Cities will be rebuilt. Wounds will heal. Peace will be learned and taught.

Resurrection is every person in recovery working the program, going to the meetings, being clean today. Resurrection is starting all over again tomorrow.

Resurrection is apologizing, forgiving, learning from your mistakes, not dwelling on the mistakes of others.

Resurrection is trust, hope, faith, and awe.

Resurrection is leaving a little bit of room in your life for the impossible to take root and become possible.


It is 1 AM. Ribbit. Who am I kidding? There will be talk of resurrection in a few hours, but it ain't coming out of my mouth. Thanks to the congregants who have already checked in that they are ready to help. I have your readings ready. My words, your voices. Fantastic.



ms. kitty said...

I hope it all goes well, Alane! I'll be thinking of you today.

Guy Wonders said...

What a beautiful post to wake up to on Sunday morning.

It was a dull and dreary day here, but your words invited me to open the curtains and let some natural light into the kitchen. Within minutes, a light snow started falling. Then the sun found a way to shine through the clouds. It was sunny and snowing at the same time. . . .

I hope your voice gets resurrected soon!

Anonymous said...

Your service was lovely and funny and all I could think about after the second one was that the universe was sending interesting resurrection messages vis-a-vis your voice! -Katie

Every 7th Day said...

Add Ms. Kitty to the Fantastic list. Oh wait.
She was already there.

Every 7th Day said...

And Katie is the Fantastic woman who showed up in glorious flowing purple to church this morning to be my voice along with Kathy. Fantastic!

Every 7th Day said...

And speaking of resurrection - my all-time favorite blogger, Guy Wonders makes an Easter appearance.

Great to hear from you, Mr. Wonders. Have missed you and the Sack gang terribly. I mean it.

Happy Easter!

For my Richmond readers, Mr. Wonders is from a land called Canada. It is a magical place where they create super humans like creator Chris Leavins, where even poor people get to go to the doctor, and where magic white dust falls from the sky.

No, Richmonders, it is not pollen.