Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter Day, 2008

1 AM- No voice.

3 AM - insomnia from nerves due to no voice

7:30 AM - Easter shower (the bathtub variety) of 9,000 degrees and 25 minutes length and...

RESURRECTION!!!! Just my voice, but it made me durn pleased.

9 and 11 AM - Two Easter services and a passle of children who were cuter than a whole basket of bunnies. People don't realize that all the goofy ridiculous antics I do in the Children's Message are because I think giggling kids are the greatest possible element in worship. My childhood minister and current colleague, Rev. MacPherson was a master of the Donald Duck voice. It helped offset the black robe and booming presence for a wee shy one that I was.

And speaking of ridiculous and goofy, I don't know about the rest of you at the church in the glen, but I think I may have outdone myself this morning with my preening phoenix. What was I thinking?!?! Must have been the sugar high from the Easter candy.

Which brings me to this photo that says it all for me about Easter and kids. Pajamas and candy. So very wrong.
And, no. She was not offering me some.
And, yes. That is chocolate on her lip.

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