Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog homework

I've been doing a little blog homework today. Hey, if I can't talk (laryngitis), at least I can listen to the rest of you battle it out. Here are my conclusions.

1. Photo blogs rock. I went to one with STUNNING photos accompanied by mundane diary stuff that sounded brilliant when paired with the photos. (Note to self - read instructions to new camera.)

2. Cussing is fun. I keep my expletives to a minimum, but some of these blogs have the most amazing combinations of bad words and percussive adjectives. I honestly don't know what some of it means, but it sounds pretty impressive. (Note to self - next life stick to the bartending. Makes for a more colorful blog.)

3. Election day cannot get here soon enough. Blah blah blah. I read the first 4,500 with interest. Really. Unless Obama gets pregnant, McCain joins a rugby team, or Clinton takes my beloved band the Showdogs on tour with her... I refuse to speak of any of it again. Let's hope I start a fad with that.

4. Short entries are often the most memorable.



Lizard Eater said...

Asshat. No, no, no, not YOU, dear friend whom I've never met ... the word, in regards to cussing. I just love the word. It's so descriptive. One who's head is so far up their derriere, as to render their ass, a hat. I love it. But given the fact that we now live in a youtube world, I will try not to use it in the pulpit.

I was never a bartender. But when I was in college, I really wanted to be a truck driver/writer. Both cuss, and frequently, from what I've observed.

Of course, we Moms do, too.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you will see this before Sunday but if you need help with any speaking, I'm there for you. Don't whisper-it's terrible for your vocal chords and we would hate to lose your voice!-Katie

Every 7th Day said...

Lizard Eater - I'm pretty sure that we are sharing a brain. Could I please have it this week?

The bad word you shared? One of my all-time favorites, too.

kari said...

I thought I'd pass along my favorite entry for my favorite blog (NOTE: it's rated R!)
She's not always this salty, but she obviously was a sailor in a past life. ENJOY!