Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kitchen 64 comes alive

For those of you who are local readers, I hit one of Richmond's newest the other night: Kitchen 64. It was packed but thanks to the experienced staff, all went smoothly.

The interior is stunning, particularly if you knew it in its previous life. As Zippy's it was a dark hole. (Now, don't get me wrong - I went into that dark hole on several occasions for the beer selection and for Zippy's mama's unbelievable homemade rolls. Let us all pause for a moment of silence to remember those little beauties.) But now it is bright and warm - lots of wood and a cool-as-a-talking-monkey bar.

The patio was packed and I expect it to stay that way until November. We sat inside at a nice booth that could easily seat 6. The menu is huge and fans of some of the owners' other Richmond legends will see some familiar favorites. The Greek nachos were obscenely loaded. The crabcake bruschetta was unremarkable, but for the rockin' crabcake. Go for the sandwich instead. The menu is sensible and familiar which will do well in Northside. Nice beer selection. Great prices. And a staff that runs like a machine.

Long live Kitchen 64. Congrats to its owners on another job well done.


Anonymous said...

But how many places that serve crabcakes and nachos and greek dishes do we NEED in Richmond? That is my only complaint. I crave diversity and innovation.

Every 7th Day said...

Bless you. You must not have lost the flame of hope! I'm with you, but I also know Northside. Until the good people of all the Northside neighborhoods commit to eating in the hood, I honestly don't believe we can support anything lively. RIP: Belle B, LA Grill.
Thanks for commenting, though. You've inspired me to remember the days when diversity and innovation still seemed possible on a budget.

Anonymous said...

obviously the person who said "how many places that serve crabcakes and nachos and greek dishes do we NEED in Richmond?" hasn't seen the kitchen 64 menu. it is massive from hot dogs to full blown entrees, to prime rib specials, when i went, i had a hard time choosing what to order, i saw alot of people ordering sandwiches for dinner, and then these huge beautiful entrees coming out. it's extremely diverse in there. major props to whoever wrote the menu.

Anonymous said...

I give every new restaurant I patronize up to 3 strikes before I write them off. Kitchen 64 already has 2 in my book. Like many Northsiders I eagerly awaited the opening and couldn’t wait to get in there. Sadly both my visits have been sullied by an unprofessionally run restaurant. Both times my appetizer appeared after my dinner. On my first visit it took 1 hour and 9 minutes to produce a cobb salad. Both visits had me having to visit the bar to get tea refills. I ask coworkers and friends their experiences and they all have the same experience with the apps and refills. This place needs to get it together or change it’s name to Kitchen Closed!

Anonymous said...

ive eaten at 64 about 6 times, each one has been a great experience. the pork dish is killer, and the portions are out of control. hands down excellent.