Sunday, May 27, 2007

Philocrites Remains King


I post a concern about UU World and Philocrites, on a Sunday no less, responds within minutes. Once again securing his position as the Big Daddy of all UU Bloggers.

He almost makes me want to reject my luddite ways.


New members, Philocrites is on the case. We'll work this out soon. Until then, check out his blog through my link to "Big Daddy..." or UU World at the link in posting below.


Ms. Theologian said...

Yeah, he's awesome. :)

Philocrites said...

Alternate reading: What on earth was I doing monitoring blog mentions of UU World on a Sunday morning instead of, say, going to church?!

Well, I'll tell you: I was getting ready for a 12:30 wedding extravaganza, from which I have only recently returned, and so I skipped church and was wandering the blogosphere only moments after you posted about your subscription dilemma. Sheer coincidence! I certainly can't promise such prompt attention all the time.

After all, even "big daddy bloggers" -- sheesh! -- need a real life.