Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rooster hermaphrodite, cross dresser, or another reason humans should be less cocky

This is too juicy to resist. Take a visit to the good atheist and learn about the miraculous chicken that transformed its gender. My comment at the site pretty much sums up my views on the deal, but I thought I'd share my personal miraculous gender transformation story. (Sounds like the beginning of a bar tale, doesn't it?)

I fell in love with a kitten I named Ace because it had a black marking that looked like a spade from a card deck. Ace was lovey, cute, friendly, and the most despised creature in my home by the other cats. I gave "her" to a co-worker because my male cats kept going berserk whenever she was near.

The co-worker renamed "her" Belle, which I thought was a stupid name for this rugged little kitty, but whatever. If it made her happy...

Belle turned out to be the cat's drag name because within six months "her" very large testicles appeared and she sprayed all over the co-worker's house.

The vet said, "Oops, sorry. It's hard to tell sometimes."

The co-worker said, "%&*() ^#%^@ *(@7**!$^, Belle, ^#&!*"

My cats said, "Told you she was a faker. That guy was messing with our turf."

Moral of the story - sex traits come in all kinds of mysterious varieties. And isn't that what we like about nature?


Lizard Eater said...

Bwahahahaha! Okay, thank you for sharing that story.

Mine: we were newly married and my MIL gave us a young cat. She kept getting fatter and fatter. We decreased her food. We took her to the vet to have her spayed. He called ... um, were you aware she was pregnant? So we get him to commit kitty abortion and finish the spaying. Please don't picket our house.

Slut kitty. (She's now 17 and very loving. Quite well-adjusted.)

Jim said...

So what did Ace's new owner call it after its tomcattiness was revealed? Beau?

Every 7th Day said...

In the classic Southern tradition of naming something for life (grown men named Peanut, grandmothers named Little Boo) Belle stayed Belle and he resented the hell out of it from what I could tell.
Good for him, I say.