Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Greetings from SUUSI

Greetings from the holy land of Unitarian Universalist peaceniks! I am on pilgrimage at SUUSI in Radford, Virginia - where hippie is a compliment, and nail polish is mostly on men's toes.

It is good living here. Singing along with folk singers, hugging all my dear friends I've only known for ten weeks (but those weeks were spread over a decade, so I know them well.) Tonight we are doing a moon ritual - hope we get to howl.

Brought my posse of 9 with me. We range in age from 3 - 83 and I am constantly amazed at the similarities between the toddler and the great-grandma. They don't want to take a shower, need a nap desperately, and are grooving on the cafeteria setup. Then again, the rest of us are between 6 and 43 and are strikingly uniform, as well - want to hang out with our new friends, party all night, and also kind of keen on the whole french fries at every meal possibility.

Got a new computer and can barely use it, so will post some pics later. Maybe.

Happy Summer, Jots fans!

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