Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mid-week services for Richmond UUs

The latest news we have received about the Knoxville congregation is that two people were killed and seven injured by an assailant who entered during worship. The assailant is in custody. Three UU congregations were involved in the special worship service which was a musical performance by children of each community but held at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

It is unfathomable that someone knowingly attacked a service led by children. I know that most of us are still in shock.

So that everyone in our Unitarian Universalist circle here in Richmond has an opportunity to attend services this week, there are two opportunities to join together. I will lead the 5:30 PM service on Tuesday at First Church with the help of members from both churches. There will also be a 7:00 PM service at UUCC in Glen Allen on Wednesday. All area UUs and friends are invited to both. Our hope is that one of these times will be convenient for everyone.

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