Thursday, July 03, 2008

Riding High and Incoherent

Back from the national convention of UUs in Fort Lauderdale. Hmmm. Very little to report on that.

Seeing Forrester Church for the last time was the biggest event of the week for me. I am reading his last book now. He was sweetly autographing copies in spite of his weakness and terminal cancer side effects. I managed not to burst into tears while talking to him. I am incredibly grateful that he has written so many good books, and told him so. He has gained a Buddha smile as he has lost a whole person of weight. I do not expect to cross his path again, and he made a special effort to be kind and friendly. It is a wonderful memory to carry with me.

As for the new meds in my system, for once the side effects are exactly as advertised: dizziness and nausea twice daily. I rest. It goes away. The beauty of those side effects is that I have no desire for a beer. The "no drinking allowed" edict is thus, a non-event. The weight gain from the steroids is another story...

Baby Dent has been a pistol as she approaches her third birthday. I don't recall her being so LOUD last week. Little Man has taken to making lists of birthday wishes (all super-hero costumes) and muttering under his breath. Is he turning six or fourteen? Like an idiot, I let him watch Rush Hour 3 in Florida. What WAS I thinking? Jackie Chan and kungfu is what. I forgot about the mouth on Chris Tucker. Little Man has not forgotten a moment of Chris Tucker.

Glad to be home with the super-spouse. Handling those kids without him was distinctly unpleasant. He is calm, smiling, and relaxed. I let him know that he should not look so happy after a week without us. I caught him putting a bumper sticker on his car tonight: Middle-class white guys for Barack Obama. I think he was giggling.

I'm in the middle of the summer ministerial reading. Thank goodness for Goodreads. (For those who have not heard - Goodreads is a site that helps you keep track of your reading and discover books that may interest you.) I find such better variety by doing Goodreads searches than I do wandering the box bookstore or the library. I've got half a dozen books going at the moment, but the goals for the summer are hefty so I need to keep cranking through.

As for today's blogging, if I don't sound like myself it is because I'm hopped up on Diet Coke. Again - WHAT... WAS... I... Thinking?!?! Before I do this stuff I really need to think about my spiritual mentors: what would the Dalai Lama do? Or Thomas Merton? Or Kermit the Frog? Or Earth, Wind and Fire? Or Louise Brooks? (Possible side effects of over-caffeination include jitters, incomplete sentences, and overstating examples. Or talking too much. Or blogging at 2 AM. Or... ACK!!!)

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kari said... Hrrrmmm...methinks I see a chink in the Luddite armor!