Friday, July 04, 2008

My brief political life

In spite of illness, I really have had an amazing year. Among the great moments - my husband's 40th birthday, Baby Dent getting potty trained, having the kitchen redone, seeing a Drive By Truckers show, Katrina rebuilding in Mississippi... big year so far.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but another lovely moment was being invited to give the invocation at the special session of the Virginia General Assembly. A big hoo-ha was made over me, which is very flattering. My parents, hsband, son, and friends came to cheer me on. And no one threw rotten produce at me. A successful day in Virginia politics.

I like this picture because although I am but a white blur in the middle, you can see my sweet mama watching on.

Unfortunately, the prayer didn't work. I prayed for good will and insight, but the legislators began yelling at each other before I made it back to my seat. I had a faux prayer I had threatened to pray. It went something along these lines...

Dear Lord, we thank you for joining us today, but if you have more pressing matters feel free to attend to them because there are enough people in this room who think they are you.

Maybe I should have used that one.

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