Thursday, July 03, 2008

Other blogs update

Insomnia ain't so bad. I've been catching up with my blogging pals. Over at the Journey, Lizard Eater's daughter's cancer appears to be back on the ropes. (I'll never sleep now. Just too dablurn exciting! Check her out through my links to your right. Leave her a supportive comment and tell her I sent you.)

My buddies over at Dogwalk RVA appear to have gone to a Rancid show (Sweeeeeeeet!) and gave me a shoutout. Check out the Tuesday June 24 post for that.

And check out Rev. Ricky's extremely fine biker mustache! I LOVE biker mustaches, fu-manchus, mutton chops, soul patches, and other out there facial hair patterns. You go, Rev. Ricky! I'm forever trying to talk friends into living on the edge with their beards. I just think it looks like fun. If the steroids make me get hairy and mannish I am SO coiffing it up on my face.

Did I just say that? Dear heavens, I need to go back to the religious books and stay off the internet past 10 PM. (Repeat to self - What would the Dalai Lama do? What would Thomas Merton do? What would Kermit the Frog do? And no more Diet Coke!)

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