Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hallucinations or Premonitions?

For those fearing my imminent demise, I did sneak out for three hours yesterday. I was out long enough to meet Ralph Nader, introduce him for his speech, pick up a copy of "An Unreasonable Man", & head back home before the rash completely took over.

Should I succumb to scarlet fever (how very performance artist!) please put what dear crusader Nader said about me in the one act play that will be performed at my jahrzeit... "Alane is a consistent progressive voice in this community."

Jeff Goldblum is to play Nader, Chris Leavins is my husband, Larry the Cable Guy my best friend, and find something for Ewan MacGregor to do. I will be played by that gal who starred in "Extras" or by Tina Turner if she comes out of retirement.

Please chalk this one up to fever and give it not another thought.


Lizard Eater said...

Get better or I'm hiring Elizabeth Berkly to play you.

Showgirls, the sequel. In which she leaves Vegas and becomes a minister.

ms. kitty said...

Did you give Ralph your affliction?