Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Din and the Dang

(I apologize in advance for the formatting. Blogger doesn't like me today.)

There are times when things are so bad, I just laugh. Right before I scream.

I am coming off a 49 day laugh/scream fest. Christmas, the car accident, the kitchen remodeling, and only semi-successful potty training of our wee lass made for some real misery.

But my good buddy and office guru at the "country church" I serve put it all in perspective. She did what she named "calling in with a touch of cancer."

She was out for six weeks for surgery and recovery. We are hoping she is cancer free now, and I am loving having her back at work. Cancer gone. Perspective remains.

There are times when things are so good, I may just get the hiccups. (*hicc*)

Friday, my car and kitchen were finished (*hicc*) after over 6 weeks of work.

Saturday, I cried tears of joy as I made my family french toast for breakfast in the new kitchen. (For you foodies, my secret ingredient is challah. Shhh, don't tell. *hicc*) In the afternoon I went with my son to his best buddy's 6th birthday party and we climbed a rock wall along with many of his kid friends and many of my adult friends. I'm pretty skeered of heights, but my buddy Heidi has a bad neck, so I climbed on her behalf. Oddly enough, that made it fine.

Saturday evening, a congregant at the city church called and asked me to attend a political event on her behalf. I went on short notice and met this gal pictured. (*HICC*) You know how people just need to have their photos taken with ministers. I told her no autographs, however.

Sunday morning was the city church's annual Music Sunday. In spite of the cold and flu near-epidemic we have going on, we had well over 400 people turn out to hear wonderful music from The Taters. And I had the honor and fun of leading worship for the kids and adults.

(My favorite moment of Sunday services was when I asked the children a trait of a hero and one shouted, "Friends!" (*HICCUP*))

The good news tsunami is just rolling along: healthy babies born, old friends getting in touch, daffodils peeking up in the yard. My niece cheered in the Pro-Bowl on Sunday evening. (My whole family hiccuped on that one.) Congregants are healing from serious illness, surviving car accidents well, getting jobs, finding mates, and feeling whole. Colleagues are sharing ideas and inspiration.

Even the dog has stopped pooping all over the house. For now.

It would be nice if the highs and lows of 2008 could level themselves out a bit. Short of slipping lithium in the drink of the universe, however, I don't think I can pull that off. So I'm just giggling, screaming, and hiccuping along. And writing. Writing it down so that when I'm fluffing the nest one day after the fledgings flap away I can figure out why it went by so fast.


h sofia said...

You are so nuts! I love you, in that you-make-being-a-UU-actually-make-sense kind of way.

Every 7th Day said...

Nuts yes. Makes sense? Uh oh, girl, I do believe you are in trouble!

Lizard Eater said...

You have seen "Parenthood," right? (If not, immediately drop everything, woops, sorry Baby, and go rent it) ... the roller coaster?

Although I have to admit ... at the theme park, I really like the carousel.

ms. kitty said...

Great post, AC. I love reading your stuff.