Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unitarian Universailst Conundrums and Koans

When will we learn that our friends become our fellow congregants? If the congregation lacks diversity, could it be because our personal dinner parties do?

If the flaming chalice is the symbol of our faith, shouldn't we toss the anemic candles and smoke- free oil lamps and torch up a yule log at every service?

If the divine creative force is one and everywhere, and all are saved - shouldn't there be a lot more hugging going on?

If children are our future, why do we get so uptight when they make farting noises in the service?

How can we support religious freedom, the separation of church and state, and the right of conscience but be so close-minded about politics?

If the whole country thinks we are the crunchy religion - why aren't we the crunchy religion? Why don't we ride our bikes to church, hold services outside, worship with loud R&B or rock n' roll music, hold vegan barbecues, have no printed orders of service, have svelte legs from marching in support and protest, create thousands of parent co-ops, and volunteer EVERY week to help fight poverty?

Why is it that when raised in a religion, once married:
Jewish + Catholic = Episcopalian
Methodist + Lutheran = Presbyterian
Unitarian Universalist + Anything Else = Anything Else?? (I miss my childhood Sunday School buddies!!!)

If a Unitarian Universalist falls in the forest will her spirituality retreat companions hear it?

Why do my 125 Voices of a Liberal Faith DVDs come from UU headquarters in Boston smelling like Chinese food?

Just wondering...


Lizard Eater said...

Yeah, Baby! YEAH!!!

And my last UU Bookstore order smelled of fried chicken. 'Course, I could be wrong. It might have been fried tofu.

Michael said...

I guess they're eating well in Boston. That will teach me to get my DVDs from the Metro New York District--I got them unscented.


Every 7th Day said...

I was thinking that the chinese food scent was to add to our exotic allure.

You know, so folks would watch and say, "I want to be part of THAT religion! But first, some lo mein."

Elizabeth J. Barrett said...

Thanks for naming the UU + Anything Else = Anything Else issue. I was interviewed by a Coming Of Age class last week about how I went about writing my faith statement. Several of them said that their parents aren't UUs, but have raised them in our Children's RE program because they want them to have some kind of religious education.

You better believe I made a point of telling them that as a young adult UU, becoming part of a UU family was a top priority for me. I explained how dating would include attendance at a UU worship service, so that I could gauge my date's reaction to our religious faith.