Thursday, February 28, 2008

Runaway Gourmet on the Streets Again

You've gotta' be kidding me.

It was cold and blustery enough out on the streets of Richmond today to blow the streak out of my hair. And yet, the fine folks of Christopher's Runaway Gourmet have re-opened the carts.

For those of you not blessed to live in this fine river city: Christopher's Runaway Gourmet, AKA "THE cart", is mighty fine street vittles laced with something ridiculously addictive. (Chris says it's Seventies Funk music.) They peddle their delectables out of carts downtown in the warm months. There's always a line down the block, particularly near the 8th Street cart. (Shout out to my grrlz Lizzie-bet and Patricia-boo.)

For awhile the most consistent hits I got on my blog were from a food review I did of THE cart. When I birthed my second child I was given food from THE cart. My husband is an unrepentant cart junkie. I'm all for THE cart, but I also have numerous friends who work these carts (see above), and I don't want them freezing their skinny fannies off.

And, baby, it was COLD outside today. Somebody tell Chris to bring everyone back in for a week or two, jam to some Tower of Power, have a few gin and tonics, and resurface when the mercury reliably hits 50.

Somebody. Anybody.

Hello? Aw man, you're just reading this to see if THE cart is open yet, aren't you? Dag.

Yeah. It's open.
Sorry, grrlz. I tried.

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