Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out on Quilt-Geek Release

Sorry to have run away there for awhile. It was time for my annual pilgrimage.

Each year for my birthday I head on down to Hampton Roads for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. I guess I'm a quilter. I don't have much time for it. I don't quilt much and what I do quilt I'm not crazy about, and yet... I think that I am a quilter.

But look at my sewing room - would you go in there?
My husband points out that there is a large part of our house devoted to my quilting books, fabric, equipment, and unfinished projects. He feels like I'd better be the quilter or he's got a split personality he doesn't know about. A messy split personality. My husband is also ridiculously kind and supportive for a person who has NEVER SLEPT A MOMENT under a quilt made by his so-called quilter of a wife. This is why I question my quilting status.

I ran into my friend Kate at the show. Kate started me quilting 20 years ago. I told her she owes me $9,000 for that. The only quilt we sleep under was made by Kate. She has come to this quilt festival since it began and has brought her daughters with her. I left my quilting son at home. Again, bad quilter I am! (My son is standing over my shoulder and would like me to add that I am going to take him next year. Sweet boy.)
Quilts like this are also why I question my quilter's status. This was one of my favorites this year. I couldn't make this if my life depended on it. I am using it to invite more people who like nudity to quilt festivals. In particular, straight single guys. (Again with the son - I'm a guy and you didn't take me. I got the message, kid. Go clean up Mama's sewing room.)

Kate's 15 year old was lamenting the complete lack of dudes at the quilt festival. There was one hot guy in the whole building. He was somewhere between my age and hers. Every woman between 8 and 50 noticed him. On the street he would just be some guy. At a quilting convention he was THAT GUY.

This is Kate's daughter's advice to straight men ages 15-65: "If you want women to notice you - go to a quilt show. Risk a little. Go past your comfort zone. It tells us you are willing to try new things. Isn't that what dating is all about?"

15 that one is. I like her a lot. As for me, I bought more fabric and started more projects. I've almost finished my son's behemoth of a quilt. IF I finish it and IF my husband falls asleep while reading a bedtime story to our son, then and only then will I finally be a quilter. Unfortunately for them, it is a cowboy quilt. No cerulean fannies


Michael said...

There were a few more guys at the yarn festival, but not many.

And most of us were family, so of no use to the straight women.

You might recommend yarn festivals, too...


Every 7th Day said...

Sugar, you are going to have to be more clear. Round here a yarn festival is when we all tell tall tales about fish we've caught, drinks we done drunk, and fantabulous dance floor escapades.

I have the feeling you mean sweaters. Booties. Hats with tassles and ear flaps. That kind of yarn?

Festival sounds a bit dramatic if we are talking yarn. But what do I know? Nobody was juggling fire or doing trick pony riding at the quilt festival either.

Michael said...

Oh, honey, that's why I included a link. It was the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, and it was, indeed, a festival. Almost as big as a State Fair, complete with the very-bad-for-you food booths and the petting zoo (but no rides).

with love,

(ps- )