Saturday, February 16, 2008

Should Garage Bands Win Grammys?

I laughed out loud when I read the results of the UU blog awards.

Imagine that kid in your neighborhood who plays the drums on Saturday afternoons winning a Grammy. Even though she never left the garage. That's how I feel.

Thanks to the kooky soul(s) who nominated my rambings. Thanks to my congregants, friends, and my large family for voting with vigor. And thanks to the four people in upstate New York who voted for the "Auspicious" part of Auspicious Jots in hopes of winning the lottery.

My two articles -"WWBD?" and "Rules for Church" got 2nd and 3rd in their category which was quite exciting, particularly since I'd almost forgotten my rules for church. Perhaps it is time to tattoo them. On my dog. (Fear not, PETA- I'd just use a Sharpie. A peanut butter flavored Sharpie. Organic)

I did well in a category I did not know the meaning of. But then, so did Amy Winehouse.

And I received first place in Best Writing. My first act as the recipient of that honor is to make American Southern the national language. Wahootie, y'all!

I did well in the Minister category, which is troubling for the future of our faith. (Honestly, are you ready for Foo Fighters to play GA? Come on, do you really think my plan for a UU brewfest is gonna' fly on Beacon St.? And then there was my whole performance art requirement for new members...) But hey, if it gets us one step closer to more boogie on Sundays, I'm all for it.

The BEST part of the blog awards, however, is that it gets more people checking out the vibe on Unitarian Universalist blogs. Did you miss the whole thing? Well, head on over to uupdates and see what liberal religion, a keyboard, and inspiration can create.

Blog on.


h sofia said...

LOL at "Wahootie!" Congratulations! Did I mention that I'm glad you're back on the scene?

Robin Edgar said...

Alternatively or additionally U*Us could head on over to The Emerson Avenger blog to see what oh so liberal religion, a keyboard, and inspiration can create. . . ;-)

BTW I think Auspicious Jots got one or two votes from me.

Every 7th Day said...

Thanks for the support and congrats. I was glad to get more people talking about blogs.