Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jerry Springer The Opera

I forgot to tell you something. I apologize. I've been a bit busy. (At this point my regular readers chime in: "two churches, two children, too much. Whine on, blah, blah, blah...")

But my fellow bloggers will understand. Sometimes amazing things happen and we just forget to blog them.
I saw "Jerry Springer, The Opera" while I was in NYC. It was two nights only at Carnegie Hall. Harvey Keitel channeled Jerry for the evening, CNN covered the protests outside, and the New York Times gave it one of its most glowing reviews ever.

Being the ninny that I am, I heard "Jerry Springer" and didn't want to go. I had asked for high brow from my darling NYC host, Brian. He said, "Baby girl, I got you low brow and high brow. We've got tickets to Jerry Springer, the Opera!" He was oh-so-pleased. I wanted to wring his neck.

I was dreading it. I tried to work up a cold. I had wanted German dramaturgy, or a good Russian symphony. Maybe even some sturm and drang performance art. Jerry Springer? The Opera?

The morning before the show I start getting text messages from home: "Turn on CNN." "Springer opera on TV. Sounds GREAT."

Read the Times review for a full explanation, but let me say, it was some of the greatest opera I've heard in awhile. The cast was jaw dropping good. The language will make your ears fall off, but the music is BEAUTIFUL, and catchy, and moving, and sophisticated. And Brian was right about the multiple brows involved.

After the show we marveled at the man-stealing transvestite's legs AND we discussed the parameters of blasphemy. We sang for days some lyrics that can't be reprinted here, AND we talked about parallels to Porgy and Bess and the Tender Land. We lauded the use of projected digital images AND the realistic looks of the mullets. Then there's that tap dance number by the ku klux klan...

The playbill says that the composer is working on an opera about Anna Nicole Smith. My first reaction: oh barf. Then I remember the music for Jerry Springer.

My next reaction: Get me a ticket.

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