Sunday, August 06, 2006

19th Century Wins in Sunday AM Cage Match

In a battle of wills, 19th century technolgy won out over 21st century gizmos in this morning's sermon. After 5 days of preparation (and three successful test runs) we just couldn't get the DVD/computer/projector set-up to work when it counted. If I were the only one involved in this endeavor, the only surprise would be that nothing exploded. But no, I had plenty of help, and in the end we all failed.

Instead of the morning's highlight being the carefully chosen clips of M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, the bright spot of the hour was my rendition of a gypsy creation myth in which I was God, narrator, and devil (who by necessity all became female and Southern.) Next time I think I'll skip the schmancy gizmos and make a few sock puppets.

Next week is the last installment in my summer series drawn from the lessons of The Sunday Philosophy Club. The topic is: Justice and Mercy. Hope to see you there!

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