Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sunday Sermon on Truth, Lies, & Doubt; Other News

I storm the pulpit this Sunday for the third installment of my summer series on Alexander McCall Smith's The Sunday Philosophy Club. This week we look at Truth from practical, philosophical, and religious perspectives. We start at 10 AM in the interest of the heat index. Feel free to check out the website for directions or other church info at
(Added Bonus: If a new piece of equipment arrives, part of the sermon will be a brief movie clip from "The Village". Otherwise, I'll just act out all the parts.)

Things are starting to hop again at First UU after a brief summer lull. Our new minister, Rev. Jeanne Pupke has arrived to Richmond. Poor woman. Her first days here and it is smoking hot, Richmond miserable, and last we talked her cat was hiding up a chimney. Welcome to River City!

We have a New UU class starting August22 at 7PM for those of you who've been waiting for the past two months to try it out. Vespers continues in cool comfort on Tuesdays at 5:30 with yours truly leading through August. (See previous posts on What is Vespers? and some of the themes.)

My biggest project is our Community Circles program. We have 11 groups to join that are fun, exciting, and introduce you to other members of First UU. The program includes four book groups, an Adventure circle, a cycling group, two performing arts groups who go see plays and music together, and three UU interest groups. More to come on that front.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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