Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vespers August 1 - God

The topic for today's Vespers service is God. I chose this service topic in response to the latest Middle East violence. A frequent reaction to wars is to despise all efforts to describe God. The argument goes that every time we humans set out to determine who or what God is, we feel an overwhelming urge to kill people who don't agree with us. So, the logic goes, eschew all God-talk and peace will have a chance.

Part of our religious heritage is the belief that pride, greed and violence are human characteristics; not our only or best characteristics, but definitely ours. Any concept of transcendence, permanence, or love must work to remove itself from our worst pitfalls. To illustrate a peaceful variety of perspectives on the divine, we will be reading three poems by Virginia Hamilton Adair: Whodunit, Long Beginnings, and Enormous Day.

Musical selections are "God Don't Ever Change" and "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" as recorded by Corey Harris.

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JimKx said...

At age 75 I have finally joined you in the blogosphere as a result of Tueday's Vespers on God (not my favorite topic). However because of your remarks, followed by Dave's and my search for what Margaret Attwood really said on Faith and Reason I find I prefer her term of 'strict agnostic',classifying knowledge as that which can be demonstrated and belief [my words]as that which helps us live as humans in society. However, it depends whether we use our belief systems for good or harm.