Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rites of Passage

In two weeks my son starts pre-K at the elementary school. Yesterday was Little Man's last day of daycare and he repeatedly announced to all within hearing distance, "Today is Celebration Day!" The way he sees it, this is the last vestige of childhood before he moves into adult living. He's 4.

Minister Mama almost forgot that a day such as this needs a rite of some sort, an acknowledgement that our Little Man is growing up. I didn't have time to get him a tattoo. (Stop your fussin'. TEMPORARY tattoo.) Taking photographs wasn't enough. Luckily, we drove past the answer on the way home.

The Shankerosa.

The Shankerosa is the dwelling place of handyman, bartender, part-time guru, full-time cool guy, and my good buddy Shank. Yep, that's really his name. And yep, his house really is called the Shankerosa. It's got a sign and everything. Shank has been known to come to my rescue on many an occasion. He's also a reliable friend to the under 5 set. Once Shank heard of Little Man's big news, they made a date for soda in 30 minutes. At our local watering hole. Well, I believe bar is the term, but people are so stuck on terms these days, don't you think?

So at 5:00 yesterday I delivered my 4 year old to a bar wearing a clean shirt and his hat that is shaped like a giant hot dog for a drink with a guy named Shank.

That's the kind of sentence for which blogs were invented.

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