Saturday, August 19, 2006

Go, Pupke, Go!!!

As I am writing this and preparing to invent tonight's bedtime story for my pre-schooler, my buddy and colleague, The Reverend Jeanne Pupke, is perched on the eve of her preaching life at our shared congregation, First Unitarian Universalist, Richmond. Unlike yours truly, Jeanne actually enjoys preaching, so she's probably pretty mellow tonight.

Not me. I'm so excited. Not only is she bright, talented, fun, and kind... she is going to be amazing at this church. She is going to help lead us to our best selves. She is going to ride whatever waves may come, and help us ride them. And we will be better for having known her.

Best of all, she preaches three times a month and I only have to do once. God, I love this woman!

Come on out tomorrow. There's a new sheriff in town. Go, Pupke, GO!!!

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