Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Foo Fun

After many weeks of anticipation, we drove up to DC last night and caught the fab Foo Fighters at Constitution Hall. They were doing their acoustic thing which was fun. There were some bumpy mixing issues with the bass player who didn't get the acoustic memo and whose electric bass was RRRMMMMHHHRRRR-ing for several songs. Unfortunately it rumbled right over "Virginia Moon" and pretty much ruined it.

There were plenty of high points, though: Dave's humor, Taylor's goofiness, the new acoustic songs sounding much better live, and the inability to resist rocking it out. Our fifth row seats didn't hurt either. We got lucky on that one. They were "possible obstructed view" seats. Only thing obstructing our view was the inexplicable haze from a fog machine. I guess it was supposed to give us that smoky club feel. Just made me want to rub the sleep out of my eyes.

I'm telling you... you've gotta' stop sitting at your computer browsing blogs and go out to hear some live music. Rumor has it that even you are not getting any younger.

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Lori said...

I know that I'm supposed to have these epiphinatic religious moments in church, but last year when I saw REM at Constitution Hall I'm pretty sure I was close to rapture. I know for sure I did at Wilco in Charlottesville because I couldn't walk or hear for three days. Maybe you could book Wilco for church one Sunday? C'mon You have the magic touch!