Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Stops at Fielden's

After the hundredth exhortation to see the play The Stops, I finally made it. WOW!

Richmond Triangle Players, who did a very nice job with Southern Baptist Sissies, have really scored a hit with this production. The general idea is that three members of a Lady Organists' Guild have gone on a concert tour in support of their favorite composer and organist, Dale Meadows. But the general idea could have been most anything and I would have paid money to see this cast do it.

First of all, the lady organists are all men in drag. It seems disrespectful to say that, however, because the actors are so talented and engage so fully with the audience. My guess is some therapy might be in order to unravel the characters from the actors at the end of the run.

Then there's the attraction that one of the characters is a Unitarian. She was so great that I almost slipped her my card so she would join our church.

But the best part of all is the often light-hearted, always on the mark skewering of modern American organized religion. I laughed until my face hurt and I will never look at a church potluck the same way again.

Our Performing Arts Circles will be going to see two Richmond Triangle Players productions this year. We can only hope that they will bring Stops level entertainment out again.

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