Monday, August 21, 2006

Circle Schedule is Out

The schedule of Community Circle activities and events is ready for pickup at the church. We've tripled the number of offerings this year and they are already filling up. Check them out and sign up soon!

This year we have 2 performing arts groups who go out for dinner and a show once a month. One is a Friday group and the other is a Saturday group.

The Adventure group is back, meeting on Saturdays and engaging in a variety of sporty challenges. (Sport-like? Sport-esque?) In addition there is a cycling group which meets usually on Sundays, with some Saturdays and will be doing rides of various levels of difficulty. (Although I prefer to think of them as various levels of ease.)

We have 4 book discussion groups with different themes. They are filling lightning fast.

We also have 3 UU Seekers groups which are ideal for those who are new to UU, looking to deepen their commitment, or hoping to learn more about the tradition.

We have had sign-up for one week and already have almost one third of the slots filled. Don't miss out.

Hope this makes sense. I'm violating a cardinal blogging rule - don't blog with a fever. Is it just me or is it hot in here?

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